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Team Sweden Coat - M

Team Sweden Coat - M
1-4 weeks
Team Sweden Coat - M
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  • Model: 103-4-2

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Coat stitched in waterproof blue jacketnylon. Lined with yellow fleece. Printed at one side with the text "Team Sweden". This coat fits Whippet. To get the best fitting of your coat, we need to know the length of the back, chest circumference, body circumference and breed of the dog. If you want to put a personal touch on your coat it is possible to get a custom text printed at the other side of the coat. The final price will be calculated after you have choosen any option of extra printing.


Size Guide

Length of the back (black arrows):
Measure the length from the highest point at the shoulders to the start of the tail.
Body circumference (green arrow):
Measure your dog's range at the height of the tail.
Chest circumference (red arrow):
Measure the circumference around the chest widest part.

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