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Printed Collar - Paw Prints

Printed Collar - Paw Prints
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Printed Collar - Paw Prints
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Collar sewn in black polypropylene webbing, lined with black softshell fabric. Width 3.5 cm. The collar is printed with paw prints. The printing method used for this collar is called vinyl printing. The method gives a single color print. For best fit measure the dogs neck right below the ears. We will add the necessary width to make it fit. Please contact us for other sizes.

Print Colors

Blue Sparkle

Silver Sparkle

Gold Sparkle

Green Sparkle

Pink Sparkle

Purple Sparkle

Red Sparkle

Neon Yellow

Neon Orange

Neon Green

Neon Pink




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Textile vinyl is a type of vinyl print where the vinyl is attached onto the textiles with a heat press. There are different variants of textile vinyl, for example smooth vinyl, reflective vinyl and flocked vinyl. The design is cut out using a vinyl cutter. This printing method provides a one-color print and is well suited for logos and simpler images.