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When we print your garments, we use two different printing methods. It is the type of motif that determines which method is best suited. Read more about the printing methods below. To help you along the way in your design work, we have created an archive of design ideas. Some of the products in this archive can be used as is, while others can be easily edited with our Online Designer to suit your needs.
One of the methods we use is called "Transfer printing". The motif is printed on a carrier which is then transferred to the garment with a heat press. The printing method provides fine detail and a distinct four-colour print. It is therefore well suited for printing photographs etc. One limitation, however, is that this method is only suitable for light textiles. Transter printing
The other method is called "Vinyl printing". In this case, we cut out the motif in vinyl with a vinyl cutter. After cleaning the parts of the vinyl that do not belong to the motif, the vinyl is pressed onto the garment with a heat press. This printing method produces a one-colour print and is suitable for printing simpler motifs and texts such as logos etc. Vinyl printing