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Your Own Design (heattransfer)

Your Own Design (heattransfer)
Your Own Design (heattransfer)
Your Own Design (heattransfer)
Your Own Design (heattransfer)
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Your Own Design (heattransfer)
Your Own Design (heattransfer)
Your Own Design (heattransfer)
Your Own Design (heattransfer)
Your Own Design (heattransfer)

Design your own t-shirt by using our Online Designer. Upload your favourite picture or use our picture/image archive to design your t-shirt. This product has four printable areas: chest, back, right sleeve and left sleeve. It's your choice if you want to use them all or just some. The final price will be set depending on how many of the printable areas you use. Read more about heat transfer.

By using the Online Designer you have many powerful features available such as

  • Add text
  • Upload your own pictures/images
  • Crop images in various forms
  • Add pictures/images from our large archive
  • Create QR codes
  • Make team jerseys
  • Save your designs for a later occasion
  • Share your designs to friends and acquaintances.

and much, much more.

ST210 Lady Classic is a classic women's round neck t-shirt. It has a narrowfeminine neckline with a narrow neckline made with elastane. The t-shirt has a side seam and a fit that follows the female figure. The sleeves have feminine fit and length. ST210 Lady Classic is made of 100% cotton, single jersey. The material is known to be soft, flexible and durable. It can withstand many washes,it  shrinks minimally and has good color durability.

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