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Sweden Harness XL

Sweden Harness XL
Sweden Harness XL

Elopement secure harness made of durable polypropylene. Linned with fleece. The harness is primarily adapted for sighthounds. Fits Greyhound, Galgo espanol, Saluki and other.

Product Features

Chest Strap

(+/- 1 cm)

Belly Strap

(+/- 1 cm)

XS 54 cm 28-46 cm Normal sized Italian Greyhounds
S 64 cm 34-56 cm Larger Italian Greyhounds
MV 64 cm 36-56 cm Whippet puppies from 2 months
M 74 cm 39-66 cm Normal sized Whippets
L 84 cm 45-76 cm Larger Whippets
XL 94 cm 50-86 cm Greyhounds, Galgo Españols, Salukis et al.
XXL 104 cm -106 cm Borzois et al.
XXXL 109 cm - 109 cm Larger Borzois et al.

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