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Collars, Leashes and Harnesses

Collars, Leashes and Harnesses
Our harnesses are specially designed to fit Sighthounds. They are made in 7 sizes and fit everything from Italian Greyhound to Borzoi et. al. The harnesses can also be used for puppies. Then supplemented with an extra strap to reduce the size. For whippet puppies there is a special harness. The harnesses are made of durable black polypropylene and are padded with matching mesh fabric or black teddy fabric around the front to make them soft and comfortable. The details of the harnesses are available in many different colors. An alternative to the colored details is a colored webbing with woven in reflex. We also customize the harnesses to the dog's dimensions if you would like other sizes.
The embroidered collars are made of polypropylene webbing. The collars are lined with black fleece fabric or with mesh fabric in different colors. The color of the embroidery comes in several colors. The options of the embroidery are paws, running whippets or any custom text.
The reflective collars are also sewn in polypropylene webbing. They are lined with any fleece fabric or mesh fabric. Both the fleece/mesh and the webbing are available in several colors. For best fit, measure your dog's neck size just below the ears. We will add what is needed for the collar to fit. Please contact us for other sizes.
The Extra Strap is used to adjust our harnesses from puppy age to an adult dog. The strap is fastened with Velcro in the front loops and it will be easily removed when the dog is fully grown. This strap can also be used to customize our harnesses to smaller dogs where the harness otherwise would have been too big. The separate waist belts are spare parts when your dog has had some fun time chewing at the harness.