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Collars, Leashes and Harnesses

Collars, Leashes and Harnesses
Our harnesses are primarily designed for Sighthounds, but work well with many other breeds with similar physique. The harness is a very good alternative to use instead of the regular collar. It's perfect to use on daily walks, on the walk in the forest or during your bike ride. It is comfortable for the dog and does not strain the dog's neck. It's an excellent tool if you have a "crazy" dog to start on Lure Coursing, Whippetrace or Dog Racing. The harness is one of the most escape-proof harnesses on the market.
The Embroidered Collars are lined with black fleece or with mesh in any color. The embroidery is available in many colors and consists of paws, running whippets or any custom text. The Reflective Collars are sewn in polypropylene webbing with woven-in reflectors. They are lined with optional fleece or mesh. Both fleece / mesh and the middle part of the strap are available in many different colors.