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Care Instructions

In order for your products from TORSHAMMARENS to stay fine year after year, you should carefully follow our washing and care instructions. Below you will find information on how to best take care of your newly purchased products, as well as some good advice on washing in general.
 Do not wash unnecessarily. Too much washing is negative for both your economy and the environment, but also for your products. Many times it is enough to rinse or brush them.
 Wash at lower temperature. For heavily soiled products, we recommend washing at the highest permitted temperature. If, on the other hand, they are only slightly dirty, we recommend washing at a low temperature to protect both the product and the environment. The maximum permitted washing temperatures of the products are stated on the respective product page.
 Do not overdose the detergent. Overdosing the detergent does not give better results, on the contrary, the excess can remain in the product and cause skin irritations.
 Let the products self dry. Tumble dryer and drying cabinets not only consume a lot of energy, they also wear extra hard on the products. Therefore, let your products dry self if possible.
 Close Velcro and zipper before washing. Unnecessary wear can often be prevented by closing any Velcro straps and zippers before washing.
 Do not use softener more than necessary. Fabric softener is not only a frequent unnecessary expense, but also contributes to an unnecessary use of chemicals. In addition, the use of fabric softener can even destroy the functions of certain products and change the appearance of the material. However, there are a few occasions where we recommend the use of fabric softener for our products.
 Printed garments requires no other care than your other garments. However, for you to enjoy your garment for as long as possible, there are some simple rules to follow. Printed garments are washed at 40°C. Turn the garment inside out before washing. Use bleach sparingly on white garments. It is not only the garment that is bleached by the bleach, but also the motif. It is not advisable to dry printed garments in dryers. However, it is good to iron the garment. Follow the instructions on the respective garments. Do not iron on the subject itself. However, it is good to smooth a little on the wrong side of the garmentrequires no other care than your other garments.
 Dog Coats are to be washed without any softener at max. 40°C. Please choose a gentle washing program (low spin in half-filled machine). Dry by dripping or easy spinning. Fleece Coats will be washed at max 30°C. Choose a gentle washing program. Don't forget to close the Velcro before washing. Use a some softener to prevent static electricity. Dry by dripping or easy spinning. Cotton Coats are washed with similar colors at 40°C - 60°C. Dry by dripping or easy spinning. Close the Velcro before washing.
 Harnesses are washed at max. 40°C. Choose a gentle washing program. Dry by drip drying. After some time of frequent use, the teddy lining on the front band may become worn. It is easy to replace with new teddy lining.
 Hoods and neck warmers will be washed at max. 30°C hand wash. Use some softener.
 Muzzles are cleaned with soap and water. Brush advantageously after use with a dish brush or similar.
 Slippers will be lubricated with dubbin. Work in the dubbin with friction. There are many kinds of dubbins to choose from. Most of them contain lanolin (wool fat), beeswax or animal fat. The best is "Minkoil" from Tarrago, which unfortunately is difficult to get hold of now a time. The name despite it is a solid fat. Viking leather lubrication etc. works well. Avoid using leather oil.