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Give your puppy buyers a good start on their dog ownership. Our puppy package contains some of the important things that a new dog owner may need. If you are a breeder and have a kennel registered with the Swedish Kennel Club you can apply for a breeder account with us. This gives you a 10% quantity discount if you buy 5 or more of certain items in our web shop.
Puppy Kit Puppy Kit
2-3 weeks
The Puppy Kit is a starter kit for your puppy buyers. The package contains:Padded cushionFleece Coat, Velcro straps in the front to be able to adjust as the puppy grows, different color for bitches and males (to be used at the early age)Collar, fixed collar (to be used at the early age)Rain Coat wit..
1,000.00SEK - 1,250.00SEK
Ex Tax:800.00SEK - 1,000.00SEK
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