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14 Apr Size Guide Sighthound Harnesses
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Size Chest Strap (+/- 1 cm) Belly Strap (+/- 1 cm) Fits XS 54 cm 28-46 cm Normal sized Italian Greyhounds S 64 cm 34-56 cm Larger Italian Greyhounds MV 64 cm 36-56 cm Whippet puppies fr..
23 Jan New Design
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We are now launching our new website. The changes are primarily made in view of the ease of use. We hope you will enjoy our new site. ..
18 Apr Customize Muzzle Size
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How to customize your Australian Muzzle for your dog Measure to know how much the neck or nose brace is to be shortened. Heat the plastic cover around the steel wire on one side ..
19 Feb Longer deliver time
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It is very nice that so many customers appreciate our products and shop with us. During certain periods this unfortunately means, that our customers have to wait for their goods longer than usual. ..
20 Feb Reduced shipping charges
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In our aim to make our customers' shopping cheaper with us,  we are now reducing our shipping fees substantially. From February 20 our shipping fees will be reduced by up to 35%. On orders with a wei..
15 Mar Size Chart Italian Greyhound Harness
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The harnesses for Italian Greyhound comes in two different sizes. On the smallest harness the length of the front ribbon is approx. 54 cm. The ribbon around the belly is resizeab..
15 Mar Measurement Guide
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How to measure your dog to get the best possible fit for your dog coatLength of the back (black arrows): Measure the length from the highest point at the shoulder's to the start of the tail. Chest..
25 May Why isn't the buckle on the waistbelt on my new sighthound coat fastened?
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All of our coats are delivered with the buckle loosely fitted to the waistbelt. This is to make it easier to adjust the length of the waistbelt to suit your dog. When you have customi..
11 Apr Printed Coats
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These coats with print lets you personalize your dog and yourself. You can design it with vinyl prints on either one or both sides. Using our Online Designer you will easily design your coat. Creat..
24 May GDPR
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Updating our Privacy Policy We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we at Torshammaren have updated..
28 Jan Care Instructions
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We have updated the care instructions for our products with additional information. You will find them under Care Instructions in the menu at the bottom of the page...
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